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To help Catholic mothers sanctify themselves in their state in life, and through that, to sanctify their homes as well, we are pleased to offer the unadulterated version of Mother Love, a complete prayer and devotional book, just for moms!

Originally written in the late 1800s by a priest of the Capuchin order, this “manual for Christian mothers” contains:

• Morning and Evening Prayers for Mothers

• Devotions for the Holy Rosary

• Points of Doctrine a Christian Mother Should Teach to Her Children

• Prayers at Mass

‚Ä¢ The “Ten Commandments” of Christian Education

• Devotions for Confession, and Communion

• Devotions for the Poor Souls, and for the Way of the Cross

• Prayers for the Various Special Necessities of a Christian Mother

• Prayers to Some of the Special Patrons of Christian Mothers

• Indulgenced Prayers

• A short book of instructions for Christian Mothers on the Christian Training of Children

Purchase this book for yourself, or for the Catholic mothers you know. It contains almost everything a mother needs to nurture and grow her spiritual life, so that through their sanctification they may sanctify their husbands and children, and truly become the heart of the Catholic home.

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