Ludere Latine II


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Latina Christiana II Puzzles & Games

Latina Christiana word games courses. Includes every kind of word game to help your students learn the vocabulary, grammar, and derivatives presented in the Latina Christiana I course. Students will find hours of enjoyment playing Latin Hangman, solving Latin Crossword puzzles, and competing against each other in Latin Pictionary!

Starts out with simple games focused on learning Latin vocabulary and spelling. By the end, your students will be declining and conjugating challenging phrases and deciphering English derivates to solve crossword, word-search, lacunae, transformer, and mathching games.

The supplemental book provides activity worksheets for each Latin Christiana lesson

Ludere Latine II: 208 Pages corresponding to Latina Christiana II with crossword, wordsearch, hangman, lacunae, and transformer games.

Softcover, 204 pages.

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