Joy in Suffering: Rose Hu


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I remember clearly that Father Shen asked me very seriously before my baptism if I was ready to suffer for the faith, even if arrested. He asked, “Why do you want to be a Catholic at this critical time? You are looking for trouble. Are you ready to shed your blood for your faith?” I answered briefly and firmly: “Since I’ve known God, I won’t deny Him under any circumstances. I’m willing to die for my Catholic faith. How wonderful is our Catholic Church! Father, you often sing Bing Crosby’s song, ‘Going My Way.’ I’m sure to follow you.” Father asked me one more thing: that I had to forgive those who persecuted me. My answer to him was “NO!” I was born in a pagan family. If someone messed up my schoolbooks even unintentionally I had to scribble on her exercise book in return. Now the Church asked me to love my enemy. I didn’t have the courage and fortitude, but if some day Father himself showed love for his enemy, I surely would imitate him. (from Chapter 3)

Softcover, 286 pages, colored photos inside.

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