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It’s a fact, this book is simply gorgeous. Each page is a work of art. I find myself spending hours pouring over this Catechism.

A unique pictorial catechism of 66 chapters, each covering a different topic of the Creed, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, the Commandments of the Church, Prayer, the Last Things, Sin, Virtue, and the Works of Mercy. All of the basic truths of Faith and Morality are covered.

The Faith is presented via 66 huge (12in x 8.5in) full-color classic pictures. The text facing the picture explains the Church’s teaching on the matter and then explains the applicable symbolism of the picture. An excellent way to pass the Faith on to your children who will find the pictures very engaging. Children can look at the picture as you point out how the lesson is visually presented. Includes an index to the pictures and a topical index.

125 pp. Hardcover. 66 full-color pictures. Ribbon. $35.00

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