Admirable Heart of Mary


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THE book on devotion to the Heart of the Mother of God. St. John Eudes has been called by the Holy See, “the father–the doctor–and the apostle” of devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In the Decree of Beatification, Pope St. Pius X wrote, “His services to the Church received a vast increase when, burning with singular love for the most holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, he was the first to think, not without some divine inspiration, of offering to them liturgical worship.” This saint first introduced to the Church, in 1648, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by composing the Mass and the accompanying Office. Our Lady, through this feast of her Heart, thus prepared the faithful to receive the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In 1670, St. John Eudes presented the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Church, three years before Our Lord revealed His Heart to St. Margaret Mary. St. John Eudes also carefully and lovingly gathered together what had previously been said of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Melting all of this wealth within the furnace of his own heart, he drew forth from there the gold of his writings on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And so it was that Our Lord used St. John Eudes as his faithful instrument to lay the solid theological foundation upon which the popular devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary has been built.

St. John Eudes here reveals the most pure and maternal of all hearts, both in its corporal and spiritual dimensions, while demonstrating with a dozen unforgettable natural and scriptural analogies how this human heart was so inexhaustibly divinized by God. Indeed, it is the first fruit of His Passion. Grounded in sound doctrine and overflowing with piety, Eudes avoids the pitfalls of some writers–dry doctrine and an unfounded devotionalism. He welds them masterly together.

Object of the Devotion
The Heart of God the Father
Six Additional Symbolic Pictures
The Heart of God the Son Mirrored in His Mother
Further Divine Perfections Mirrored in the Admirable Heart of Mary
The Heart of God the Holy Ghost in Inspired Texts
Inspired Catholic Tradition
The Excellence of the Sanctity of the Heart of Mary
Practice of the Devotion
The Canticle of the Admirable Heart of Mary
Mass and Office of the Admirable Heart of Mary
Prayers, Litany, etc.
Consecration to the Admirable Heart of Mary.

400 pages, Hardcover.

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