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Twelfth Grade
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Advanced Math II
COMPASS Instructional CD (Saxon Adv Math 2nd ed.)
How does a student use a COMPASS CD?

Each lesson is stored as an individu
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Saxon Advanced Math Set (2nd edition)
In Advanced Math, general topics include: advanced algebra, geometry, trigonome ...more
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Saxon Advanced Math Solutions Manual (2nd edition)
This manual contain solutions to each problem in the Advanced Mathematics textbo ...more
$48.00 Qty:
Saxon Teacher Math Adv. Math Lesson and Test CD's
Contains over 100 hours of Advanced Math content, including instruction for ever ...more
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Catholic Action for Christ our King Answer Key
Answers to Review Questions.

Softcover, 12 pages.
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Catholic Action for Christ Our King Text (Gr. 12)
What can we do to help re-establish the reign of Christ the King in modern socie ...more
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Christian Citizenship Answer Key
Provides answer to Christian Citizenship Unit Reviews, and Applying Your Knowled ...more
$7.00 Qty:
Christian Citizenship Text
This book, presented from a Catholic perspective, is broken into four units cove ...more
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Measuring Tape Answer Key
Also see the title "Christian Citizenship" in the Lepanto Section.

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Measuring Tape Text
Also see the title "Christian Citizenship" in the Lepanto Section.

The Me
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Reign of Christ the King
Proves Christ has an Absolute Right to reign in our social and political lives, ...more
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Grammar 12
Catholic Book of Character and Success
Steeped in the wisdom of the ages, these pages teach one timeless principles tha ...more
$14.00 Qty:
Pocket Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation
Random House's completely revised best-selling guide to good English. Random Hou ...more
$7.00 Qty:
Research Paper Answer Key (2nd edition)
Teaching Instructions and Answers for the assignments in The Research Paper Text ...more
$9.00 Qty:
Research Paper Text (2nd edition)
The Research Paper focuses on the rapidly changing world of research. With the e ...more
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Traditional Catholic Speller 12
Students will learn to spell hundreds of new words each year, including Catholic ...more
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Health Science
First Aid Participant's Manual
First Aid Participant's Manual can be used two ways. First it can be read to hel ...more
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Review Text In Health Answer Key
This Answer Key contains the answers to the exercises found in the Review Text i ...more
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Review Text In Health Text
The purpose of this book is to cover the subject matter in Health as was taught ...more
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Teenagers & Nutrition
Why a book on nutrition, especially nutrition for young people, in the midst of ...more
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Literature 12
Beowulf (Grade 12)
Composed towards the end of the first millennium, Beowulf is the classic Norther ...more
$14.00 Qty:
Who was Sir Neville Fanning? Why did he call himself a Catholic, and at times, ...more
$20.00 Qty:
A fascinating tale of the young noble, Ivanhoe, returned home from the Crusades ...more
$20.00 Qty:
Owen Wister's powerful story of the tall, silent stranger who rides into the unc ...more
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Catalog 2017
If you would like a complimentary catalog sent out, please email us at info@olvs ...more
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E-Z Grader (same in all grades)
Powerful enough to calculate grade percentages for up to 95 problems! This is a ...more
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Theology IV
Holy Bible-Lepanto Press
Now with 34 illustrations depicting scenes from the Old and New Testament. This ...more
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Rosary Novena (Grs: 6-12)
Each day the student should say a family rosary with the help of the Rosary Nove ...more
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Toward the Eternal Commencement ANSWER KEY
Answers for all of the chapter review questions.

Softcover, coil binding,
$12.00 Qty:
Toward the Eternal Commencement Text (Bk 4)
This highly acclaimed, doctrinally sound high school religion book, has been rep ...more
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Way of the Cross (Liguori)
According to the Method of St. Alphonsus Liguori, this little booklet is a repro ...more
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