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My ABC Book

Dear Parents,

My ABC Book was designed to enrich the other workbooks and influence your child at a different level. It will give your child a “little scope for the imagination” so that the student can stretch his resourcefulness in listening for the sound of the letter and then “looking” for that sound in pictures.

When the lesson plan says “Have the child work on page 1, the “A,” you will have the student cut out (or draw) a picture that begins with that letter and letter sound. For the vowels, stick with the short vowel sound, “a in apple,” “e in egg,” “i in igloo,” “o in ostrich,” and “u in umbrella.”

Ask the student to identify the picture in the upper right-hand corner and print it on the guided, dotted line under the picture.

Before the student glues or draws a picture of his own in the space on the middle of the page, make sure that it truly does start with the correct letter and sound, i.e. kangaroo would be on the “K” page and not on the “C” page even though it has the correct sound as “c in cat.” Follow the Spectrum Phonics Workbook for suggestions.

After the picture has been glued, have the student print the word under the picture in small letters. You may need to help with the spelling.

My ABC Book is introduced in the First Quarter after the student has already started learning the names and sounds of the letters. The student may work on this book as the pages are introduced in the lesson plans and then go back as desired to add more pictures to the letters that have already been learned. In other words, this will be a work in progress. Some of the letters will have more picture possibilities than others and the student might want to use the blank page to the left of the letter page.

The guided, dotted line at the bottom of the page does not have to be used until your child has filled in the page with pictures. Depending on the child’s level, you can have the student fill in the name of a favorite picture, or the name and one word to describe it (with your help), i.e. “scary tiger.” If the student has progressed past this point, you may pick a picture that will rhyme with the word, i.e. “fat cat.” Or the student can use an adjective that begins with the same letter, i.e. “big boy.” If you think that the student is ready for more, you can have him/her write a little sentence (with your help) about one of the pictures, i.e. “This is Kelly.” (Under a picture of his little brother, Kelly, whose picture happens to be in the “K’s”).

Completing My ABC Book will help your child’s imagination to improve and will be an enjoyable project for both parent and student.

Softcover, 55 pages.