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Prima Latina DVD

(this item is NOT part of the Prima Latina Set)The Prima Latina Video course features Leigh Lowe, the author of Prima Latina and one of Highlands Latin School's most popular instructors. Mrs. Lowe employs her engaging teaching style and enthusiastic personality to bring Latin alive for your student. With creative graphics and a lively presentation, this video course is the next best thing to having a Latin tutor in your home.

Prima Latina is divided into several DVD's covering 25 lessons in all. Leigh Lowe will guide the student through each Latin lesson explaining difficult and confusing concepts along the way. The student should carefully read each lesson in Prima Latina and then watch the DVD. The concepts covered in the lesson will be expanded upon and explained thoroughly by Mrs. Lowe. Once the student has a good grasp of the material presented, he should complete the exercises. If a student encounters difficulty in the exercises, he should watch the videos again while following along in the book.