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Come to Mass Coloring Book

By Father Francis--contains text and coloring pages.

We Owe a Gift to God
--What is a Sacrifice?
--Abel and Cain Offer Sacrifice
--Abraham's Sacrifice
--A King Offers Bread and Wine
--The Perfect Gift
--We Have a Perfect Gift
The Fore-Mass
The Mass of the Faithful
The Mass Begins
--The Confiteor
--Kissing the Altar
--The Introit
--The Kyrie
--The Gloria
--The Collect
God Speaks to Us
--The Epistle
--The Gradual
--The Gospel
--The Credo
We Offer Our Gifts
--Pouring wine into the chalice
--Offering the wine
--"Come, Holy Ghost"
--Washing the Hands
--Offering the Most Holy Trinity
--"Pray, brethren"
--The Preface
--The Sanctus
--Remembering those on earth
--Remembering the saints in heaven
--Prayers of offering
--Consecration of the bread
--Consecration of the wine
God Accepts Our Sacrifice
--Remembering the dead and sinners
--The Little Elevation
God Gives to Us
--The "Our Father"
--Breaking of Bread and Agnus Dei
--The Communion
--The Postcommunion
--The Blessing
--The Last Gospel
How to Live the Mass
How Much Do You Know About the Mass Worksheet/Quiz

Softcover, 32 pages.