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Basic Speech Experiences Text (10th edition)

This book was written for students and teachers who want to learn and teach public speaking by the simple process of giving speeches.

To those teachers who are plagued by the everlasting question of "What shall I assign my students for their next speeches?" this text provides thirty-eight completely worked-out projects. These speeches are of the kind a student will be asked to continue in real life situations when students are no longer enrolled in a speech course. They are practical because they meet the needs of students who will be tomorrow's business and social leaders. The teacher may assign any one of the speaking experiences and know that the student will have all the information needed in the assignment in order to prepare and present a dedication speech, a eulogy, a sales talk, an after dinner speech, a panel, a debate, a speech to inform, or any one of dozens of others.

Softcover, 265 pages.

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