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Home School Legal Defense Assocation

Catholic Doctrine
"Before all others, parents are bound to form their children, by word and example, in faith and in Christian living."

- Canon 774.2, 1983 Code of Canon Law

It is likely that if you have gotten this far, you are truly concerned about your child’s education in particular, and about your child’s eternal welfare in general. It is this thought of eternity that has brought so many people to the decision to home school their children in the first place. People call us everyday to tell us they realize that the salvation of their child’s immortal soul hangs in the balance. They asked themselves the question which Our Lady of Victory School is posing to parents in our ads in Catholic journals: Quid hoc ad æternitatem? How does this look in the light of eternity? 

You know, generally, what the alternative to home schooling is, and you know how that alternative looks in the light of eternity. For those of you who do not have good Catholic schools nearby, there is no choice. You know that, or you probably wouldn’t be scanning this web site. You also know that we are engaged, here below in this valley of tears, in a great battle for the very souls of not just our children, but of ourselves as well. At our particular judgment, on that fearsome day when we stand before God to make an accounting of ourselves, we will not be asked whether we raised our children in the ritziest neighborhood in town, or provided them with the most exclusive mini-van in which to ride, or even whether we bought them in-line skates with which to play street hockey with their friends.
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Holy Card
Holy card

No, Holy Mother Church tells us that we will be asked whether we discharged the duties and responsibilities of our state in life. And our state in life is as parents and spouses. When we are called to Almighty God, that is what we will be judged on. And if meditating for a few moments on that thought doesn’t make us tremble, then nothing will. The Church put it most eloquently in the Dies Irae, or Day of Wrath, the beautiful hymn sung at Masses for the Dead. The sixth and seventh verses remind us that there will be no excuses, that no one will be there to vouch for us on Judgment Day:   
  • For now before the judge severe
  • All hidden things must plain appear
  • No crime can pass unpunished here
  • O, what shall I, so guilty plead?
  • And who for me will intercede?
  • When even saints shall comfort need?
The burden of educating our children clearly rests on us, as parents. It has always been so, but it has never been more evident than in these years since the great cataclysm of the Sixties. Pope Leo XIII must have known that there would come a time like this, for 106 years ago, he wrote his famous encyclical, Sapientiæ Christianæ, in which he exhorted heads of families to educate their children from their earliest years, and described the family as the cradle of civil society. The Holy Father warned that those who break away from Christian discipline corrupt and destroy family life, and accused such people of "inflicting a cruel outrage on parents, who have the right from nature to educate those whom they begot, a right to which is joined the duty of harmonizing instruction and education with the end for which they were given their children by the goodness of God." He went on:

. . .to vindicate at any cost the right to direct the education of their offspring, as is fitting, in a Christian manner; and first and foremost to keep them away from schools where there is risk of their being imbued with the poison of impiety.

Where the right education of youth is concerned, no amount of trouble and labor is too much. . . let everyone be firmly convinced, first of all, that the minds of children, are best trained above all by the teaching they receive at home. If in their growing years they find in their homes the rule of an upright life and the exercise of Christian virtue, the salvation of society will be in great part assured. Home-schooling parents, OLVS would like to take this opportunity to honor you for your sacrifices, for immolating your own wills, just as Our Lord subjugated His will to that of His Father.

Home schooling is not easy. We know that and you know that. But the rewards -- both natural and supernatural -- are countless; the blessings are many. Secure in the knowledge that we are meeting our parental responsibilities, that we are conforming ourselves to the will of Almighty God, we humbly ask His blessings on our continued efforts.