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Traditional Catholicism at Home Program (TCH Program)
Teach Your Child Traditional Catholicism at Home

Our Lady of Victory School supplies the students with the required books and weekly lesson plans. The parents decide how much time they will devote to their catechism classes. For best results we suggest short daily sessions, preferably after the evening meal when the family is normally together. For the lower grades (K-6), a 10-20 minute discussion of the assigned material should be sufficient. Students in the upper grades 7-12 will require less time in discussion with their parents and more time with individual work on written assignments and research projects. The parents will have answer keys for all school tests and texts so that they can do all their own correcting and grading. The lesson assignment forms also contain space for grades so that there will be a complete record of the child's work and the results.

The lesson plans cover 38 weeks of assignments which is the normal number of weeks in a full school year. Students can begin and end this program at any time of the year. The parents may have the child do all the assignments or they may be selective and give less material. That is for the parents to decide. If they do follow our program, as outlined, parents can be assured of a very thorough, logical, and effective result from this program.

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