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Scholarships & College Planning
Scholarships & College Planning

Dear Prospective Family;

Thank you for your interest in my services.  I like to follow up with a more clear understanding of the benefits of Tom Dominís services (College Funding, LLC) and my services (Rural Educational Services, LLC).  And why we work as a team helping families with the college process. Our goal is to provide families with information on the process of college. However, we are separate entities and we do not require that families work with both of us. Please sign up for a free consultation found on the home page of our website  Our consultation form should be filled out for each child and for any parent wishing to receive notices about our upcoming webinars or newsletters. Our Lady of Victory students have been given the opportunity to receive a discounted price for our services as long as 25 students sign up. Recommended students for my services are students entering 9th grade through high school as well as students attending college.  All families with children are recommended for Tomís initial tax and estimated family contribution assessment no matter how old your children are. Susan Swan, a certified math teacher has joined the team to provide tutoring and webinars for the Petersonís SAT and ACT prep courses.  And her tutoring services can be used for SAT or ACT prep and when your student is struggling with math concepts. 

Tom and I work from both sides of the equation.  By that I mean, that I work on the studentís part and Tom works with the parents on how to pay for college.  Students that identify their interests, majors and best fit schools, tend to qualify for more scholarships (free money) and take a more active role in presenting an admissions application. Student who do this give colleges more incentive for accepting the student and offering true financial aid including scholarships.  Students and parents need to identify a plan earlier in the studentís life than later due to the large population of students now applying to college and the record number of applications that colleges are receiving. 

Costs associated with sending children to college have increased at a far greater rate than any other rate of growth including income and cost of living.  It does not fully serve families to only address what a student can achieve through my services; the educational prep work. Families need to also be working on a strategic plan for paying for college using all the resources available to each individual family.  I work with Tom Domin because he has a tax base knowledge and a specialty certification in college planning.  His expertise coupled with mine, allows families of high school students and college students, to succeed at providing their children with a means of success; an education.

I personally can attest to the benefits of having a strategic plan as I have two children that have planned well for college.  My oldest home schooled and was able to complete her B.S. at Bozeman State University as an out of state student and graduate with zero debt. This was beneficial as she knew that Veterinary College would be expensive and she had to take out her first loan in order to attend Washing State Universities Veterinarian program.  My son, a current sailor on the USS Abraham Lincoln completed 2 successful years in a criminal justice program with the intent of completion paid for by the GI bill.  He did not want to incur more debt than the one small student loan that he took out during his 2 years.  His small loan will be paid for by January 2012.  Though not as academic as my first child, he qualified for scholarships and made the choice to attend the school that was his best fit both financially and academically. My goal with both my children was to not have them end up like myself with a great education and a large student loan.




Thomas J. Domin, Jr, MBA, CCPS graduated from Moravian College in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.  He received his Masters in Business Administration from Moravian College in 2000.  Tom spent 10 years working in finance for several Fortune 500 companies including Unisys, Dun & Bradstreet, and First Energy.  He also spent a short time working in the public accounting industry where he began preparing tax returns and engaged in personal tax planning.  In 2002, Tom became licensed as a Registered Representative acquiring his Series 7, 63 and state insurance license.  In 2004, he became a Certified College Planning Specialist and started College Funding, LLC and East Penn Tax Preparation & Services, LLC.  Tom currently works with families to assist them in personal financial planning, tax planning, and college planning which consists of financial aid planning and completion and utilizing the multitudes of strategies to help parents reduce the cost of college and pay for college.

Rebecca M. Carroll, M.Ed., CPC graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  She received her Master of Education in School Counseling from Notre Dame College in 1997.  Rebecca has worked within the education field as an administrator of 14 Head Start sites along the Connecticut River as well as with youth that were placed in correctional facilities.  She spent several years working with high school students in Vermont where she received an award for developing guidance and advising programs including a freshman academy within the school.  Her work with school reform has been focused on providing students and parents with the necessary tools in order to understand the college process.  She has spent time in Montana and currently in Idaho where she provides school counseling and college planning services through Rural Educational Services, LLC. Rebecca currently has a daughter in Veterinarian School and a son in the Navy on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

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