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The master theme of this year's study is to refine those primary concepts learned thus far in both Grades Kindergarten and First Grade. The aim of this year's curriculum is to focus on melding previously learned math and language skills, while introducing more challenging scientific concepts. Emphasis will be placed on teaching the primary grade-level student to be able, and willing, to apply traditional Catholic ideals to their academic endeavors and to their everyday lives.

Religion: The tutor will teach this subject using Living in Godís Law Text, a traditional catechism program reproduced from the 1940ís, which is based upon the questions and answers of the Baltimore Catechism.  The book provides a complete, integrated, and basic course in religion.  The purpose is to ensure that the pupil has a clear and adequate knowledge of his holy faith.
The students will learn more about the Bible by reading the New Catholic Picture Bible. They will also read two smaller religious readers. Since this is often the age for preparation and reception of First Holy Communion, there will be a special study made of My First Holy Communion, a very traditional catechism written for this purpose. We strongly encourage the students to recite at least five decades of the rosary each day, and on Friday to say the Stations of the Cross. Other books used: Living in Godís Law Syllabus & Teacherís Manual; Leading Little Ones to Mary; I Believe in God; The Seven Sacraments; The Rosary Booklet; The Way of the Cross Booklet.

Arithmetic: This year students will expand their abilities up to three-digit adding and subtracting, multiplying tens, division, telling time, word problems, speed tests, and much more. Books used: Lepanto Math Level 2 Workbook; Lepanto Math Level 2 Answer Key; Review and Worksheets (Gr. 2)

Phonics: As in previous years, phonics will be the basis for word attackskills in reading. The students will continue to learn and become proficient with the various phonemes (single- and multiple-letter sounds) while developing their vocabularies. Using the Little Angel Reader D Text, students will practice decoding words containing a variety of the more difficult phonemes. Stories with phonetically-controlled vocabulary follow each word drill page. Little Angel D Workbook reinforces lessons from the Reader with exercises in phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and handwriting. Progress Tests are included in the Little Angel D Teacher's Manual, for the purpose of assessing students' mastery of skills after each review. Workwill also be assigned from Spectrum Phonics 2. 

Reading: The students will expand their reading ability by reading the following books: Catholic National Reader 2; CNR 2 Answer Key,  Ten Commandments; Mary My Mother; St. Peter the Apostle; Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha; Stations of the Cross; Angels.

Grammar and Spelling: The students will learn how to recognize and write a complete sentence; to capitalize, use correct punctuation; use suffixes and prefixes; to divide words into syllables; alphabetize words; and much more. They will learn to spell 680 new words, including Catholic terms, and their meanings. Books used: God Gave Me the Gift of Language 2 Text, God Gave Me the Gift of Language 2 Answer Key; Traditional Catholic Speller & Workbook 2, Traditional Catholic Speller 2 Answer Key.

Handwriting: Students will continue to practice and perfect their penmanship so that it is similar to the suggested handwriting form and very neat and readable. Workbook: Catholic Writing Skills 2.

Science: This course will consist of studying Science & Living in God's World 2 Text, which covers the plant world, insects, rocks and soil, the sun, how plants reproduce, and various means of transportation. The accompanying Science & Living in Godís World 2 Teacher's Manual, which also contains activities for the children, provides the parent with more background information on each concept studied, so that for more advanced or interested students, each topic may be discussed at a more in-depth level. Additionally, students will enjoy the science reader, Animal Life.


Geography:  The students will be introduced to basic skills in reading maps, charts, and graphs.  This unique series blends reading and writing skills with social studies instruction.  Students will explore communities and neighborhoods through critical thinking activities and compelling text.  It offers plenty of practice and reinforcement in social studies and geography skills.  Workbooks:  Maps, Charts, and Graphs B & C.

Art: The studentsí artworkwill consist of four religious-oriented coloring books: Our Lady of La Salette Coloring Book; Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book; Come to Mass Coloring Book; Let's Follow Jesus Coloring Book. These books can be used to reinforce the various topics discussed in the religion lessons.

Music: The student will be encouraged to learn the words to several Catholic songs and hymns, and American folksongs, and to sing them as often as possible. This will be in an effort to preserve the traditions of singing patriotic, folk, and old Catholic songs and hymns. Music book: Songs for God and Country Book, which includes all words and music to the professionally produced recording of the same name, available on both audiocassette and CD.